The diss war between the two began when Kendrick Lamar dissed Drake with Metro Boomin & Future’s ‘Like That’.

After exchanging a few diss songs with each other, Kendrick Lamar set things on fire by releasing 3 diss songs in a row within 2 days.

However, the content contains the revelation that Drake is a s** extortionist who systematically exploits women, and furthermore, a ***hile.

Meet the Grahams came out yesterday

The album cover features Drake’s limited edition gloves, a t-shirt, Drake’s prescriptions and jewelry store receipts. It’s like him telling Drake “you have my agents around you” -> “You’re playing into my hands.”

Kendrick  revealed that Drake is a s** offender as if he’s conversing with Drake’s mom, Sandra

The song that was uploaded today was called “Not Like Us”

The cover of this song is also really powerful… He made a picture of Drake’s Toronto home with a p****hile map pin (like a s** offender notification sign in Korea) and used it as the single’s cover.

What he’s claiming is “Drake, everyone around you, including you, are pe****les, right?”

The lyrics explicitly mention that he is a p****ile.

Various hip-hop communities responded that with this diss, Drake was not only declared dead as a rapper, but also socially dead.

1. Isn’t it true that Drake approached Billie Eillish and Bobby Brown when they were 14? He’s repulsive ㅋㅋ

2. At this point, we need to get the cops after him

3. I really feel like he personally hates Drake 

4. Wow he beat Drake up so well ㅋㅋ

5. Hul… But if it’s in the US, it’ll be no joke if you get sued for defamation, so you can’t just diss people without proof like that 

6. Wow if this was in Korea, the p*****ile will actually become the hero ㅋㅋ

7. There’s always been rumors like that around Drake from years ago 

8. Eeeeewwwww eeeewwwwww

9. Disgusting 

10. This is real hip hop wow