1. She’s f*cking beautiful!!!!!!!

2. It suits her so well though? If Yuneu isn’t a god, then who is!!!! Unnie, I love you…. I love you😭

3. She must’ve put a heavy amount of essence in her hair

4. Legendary

5. She was seriously pretty at that time

6. Hippie perms aren’t my style but because Yuneu is doing it, it’s making me crazy…. it suits her so well and she looks so luxurious

7. Wow you’re telling me that she looks this pretty?ㅠㅠ goddess-nim

8. Freaking pretty. I’ll end up looking like Hagrid if I did it so I can’t copy her…

9. Hul!!! Has she even gotten such an intense perm? Pretty🥹

10. Her hair looks like Go Hyunjung… Yuneu-goddess!!!!!!!