HYBE’s newly released album sales have dropped due to the loss of female fans, according to an analysis by a securities firm.

According to Daeshin Securities on the 21st, the album sales of LE SSERAFIM were 780,000 units on the first day, a 23% decrease from the previous album’s 1.02 million units.

The reason for the drop was the loss of female fans. “The reasons for the decline in album sales are complex, but the departure of some domestic female fans and the seasonal nature of the first quarter, when fan purchasing power is weaker, may have played a major role,” said Lim Soo-jin, a researcher at Daeshin Securities.

This is because female fans are generally known to have higher loyalty and purchasing power than male fans in the entertainment industry.

In fact, according to Lim, the proportion of male fans in the showcase on the 19th increased from half to 70-80%.

In addition, the consumption behavior of overseas fans is different from that of domestic fans. LE SSERAFIM’s overseas fans are mostly composed of Hong Kong, China, Japan, and a small number of Southeast Asian fans, who do not buy music as competitively as domestic fans.

1. I think that sales inflation across all idol industry is just over now…

2. Why sh*t on women because of lower sales?

3. No but why would the journalist write an article just based off 1 day?;;;;;;;;

4. Here’s the clarification because the article is so ridiculous

5. Why are people always blaming women?

6. Even male idols are seeing a decrease in sales so who cares

7. People are making this big of a fuss because China’s bulk buys are decreasing???

8. Making a fuss

9. Everyone is seeing a decrease in sales nowadays. The market pie for K-pop is just decreasing..

10. LE SSERAFIM, fighting