“Anyhow, whether it’s the fans or the general public, it’s true that we must feel regretful towards them”

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“It’s true”

“As much as you feel apologetic (you must work just as hard)”

“I don’t want to keep living this way”

“I want to work hard now”

“Even the company (regarding Lucas) this is what we think”

“It’s hard to sort this out. First of all, your own will is very important”

“And there was a moment when you were away/had to stop too”

“What is the thing that you’re most worried about right now?”

“Whether I’ll still have fans? That’s the thing I’m kinda worried about”

“No matther what the fans say, they are my driving force”

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1. Looks like he’s Lee Sungsoo’s favorite. It’s like he almost birthed him himself
2. So that’s how he looks like?… He’s quite shameless
3. What kind of epic plot is this?
4. “My driving force is the fans” just wow
5. He’s so annoying f*ck 
6. He has fans…? Even the international fans hate him 
7. This is why I hate SM;; Go invest on the hard working kids instead
8. Sungsoo-yah wake up 
9. He seriously still has fans?
10. It’s not like he’s talented either, so what’s up with him?
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