On June 6, Song Ji Hyo released a photo with the members of ‘Running Man’ with the caption, “I ♥ Singapore”. The photo includes Song Ji Hyo, Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Seok Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, and Yang Se Chan.

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Song Ji Hyo’s photo has been plagued by hate comments. Some viewers pointed out that it was premature to show a part of the six-person filming when Jun So Min had not yet left the show. In particular, Song Ji Hyo was criticized because it had been a long time since she had posted a photo related to Running Man on her account.

One viewer wrote, “I watch ‘Running Man’ because of Jun So Min, but as soon as I see this picture, I cringed. There are many fans who are not yet ready to let go of her, but this photo seems premature,” and “The episode of Jun So Min’s departure hasn’t come out yet. It’s like she’s been waiting for her to leave,” “She can’t read the room,” “She didn’t post a single group photo of the members, but now that Jun So Min is leaving, she’s posting them,” “She hasn’t posted any ‘Running Man’ related photos for almost two years, but she’s posting about it even before the final episode of their colleague,” “It’s too much to post a group photo without her when there’s so much noise about her departure,” and “She has no tact”.


On the other hand, some viewers were supportive of Song Ji Hyo. They commented, “She didn’t post a picture of them together because the show hasn’t aired yet,” “I can see that she cares a lot about Jun So Min on the show,” and “It’s like people who don’t watch ‘Running Man’ are inserting words into her mouth.”

1. They are seriously making a big deal out of nothing;;

2. Ha seriously, I feel like kids who don’t watch Running Man are even louder. Seriously, if you watched the show, you would never be able to say something like that

3. Honestly, there are so many mother-in-laws over there too

4. Can they leave the members alone already..

5. If you go to Running Man’s DC Gallery, the curses directed to Song Ji Hyo are no joke. I feel like Song Ji Hyo’s company should start suing

6. Koreans who hate on hate comments but who also retaliate with hate comments… it’s just ridiculous

7. They are seriously making a fuss out of nothing


9. Why are there so many assh*les in this world?… cut it down a bit

10. Jun So Min < foreigners hate her a lot