Sooyoung: When I take a picture with Taeyeon and put a filter on, she’s the only one who keeps on getting whiter. And I keep just staying the same! So in conclusion, I hate her because she’s white!

Q: Is there anything about your looks that you dislike?

Seolhyun: There is. My dark skin

As long as we’re consuming K-pop among ourselves

and the members are Korean, there’s no problem

Because it’s just between us.

If we’re the same race, it doesn’t matter if we’re black or white.

As K-pop becomes global,

sometimes this becomes a trigger point

Korean idols are no longer for domestic consumption.

If they release a music video, 100 million people see it

And they are starting to get into the Billboard charts.

There are also a lot of idols doing world tours

Foreigners are obsessed about skin colors, way more than you’d think

Anyone can tell that these pictures are ridiculous 

They are saying the reason why Lisa is pale as a Thai person is because Koreans are making her more white through some procedures and are forcing their hate on us

Shuhua: I also want to become a police officer, everyone

Minnie: Be a police officer

Yuqi: If you want to become a police officer, your face needs to be a bit darker first

Shuhua: Why?

Yuqi: Because you’re supposed to be catching bad guys at night right? You’d stand out too much

The foreign fans who are super sensitive about skin color said that Yuqi’s words meant that “dark-skinned people are criminals” and were criticizing her. They’re going so far as to say that she made a grave mistake and she doesn’t deserve protection.

1. My skin color is fair and I mean VERY fair but when those so-called i-roach “fans” edit pictures or draw fanarts of my bias, they always purposely draw him super dark, so why should we be the only ones who should be careful? To be honest, they are the issue

2. There was even a time when they made a fuss about us saying “ni-ga (“you”) so I really feel like we have to crush them to death. Nowadays, all idols changed to saying “neo-ga” and it infuriates me. Because of that, we now have pay so much attention to them that it’s destroying our language. Even they get to use several words so why not us?

3. We will never understand each other because we only see Koreans in our lives, so of course we will have different opinions than in the U.S. where they face multiracial people, but we should respect them. But please stop with the “whitewashing” crap.

4. But I also wish Koreans would stop mentioning skin colorㅋㅋ…. I’ve been criticized for my skin since I was a kid because I’m dark-skinned, but it sucks that people act like dark skin is a disadvantage and that it’s okay to make fun of it.

5. It’s good to be careful because K-pop needs to sell globally, but the arrogance of those foreigners who unconditionally associate skin color with race and call it racism and the attitude of forcing what they think is right with no understanding of other cultures is too violent. Isn’t the envy that comes from having white skin because it’s a leadership position shared by all East Asians in an agrarian society a cultural phenomenon? It has nothing to do with your so-called “races”. But the skin color talk is definitely getting tiring but there’s no need to fight over it so I don’t think that it’s a bad thing if celebrities are more careful with their words

6. I think it’s more of a problem with foreigners who just push their “whitewash” agenda on Koreans and say, “Your skin isn’t that color” without understanding us

7. I just don’t like it when people talk about skin color. I wish they would stop talking about their appearance on shows. I don’t like it when people make fun of themselves for others’ appearance even if it’s not skin color

8. No, it’s not just our country that prefers white skin, but why do you keep telling us to refrain from talking about it?ㅋㅋ Go to Southeast Asia and see if they care about the skin whiteness

9. I think people do need to be more careful… But foreigners are even more obsessed about skin color than us

10. Why is this racist when it wasn’t said to a foreigner? I think it’s the most intolerant thing to say that people are discriminatory just because others prefer lighter skin tones