YG Entertainment has shared a brief statement regarding BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s contract renewal discussions.

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Back in July, an anonymous Chinese agency reportedly claimed that they had encountered scheduling difficulties for Lisa’s appearance on a show because Lisa’s contract renewal with YG was uncertain. YG Entertainment has since explained that the difficulties were due to BLACKPINK’s tour and Lisa’s individual activities, emphasizing that contract renewals were still under discussion.

However, despite YG’s clarification, recent speculations continued to circulate, suggesting that Lisa had received substantial contract offers from other agencies and declined YG Entertainment’s proposal.

On September 15, YG Entertainment reiterated, “Lisa’s contract renewal is currently under discussion. There is nothing in those rumors that has been confirmed.”

For the past 11 months, BLACKPINK has been selling out concerts for their “BORN PINK” world tour in 34 cities of 24 regions. The grand finale, titled “BORN PINK Finale in Seoul,” is scheduled for September 16 and 17 at Gocheok Sky Dome, Korea’s largest indoor concert venue capable of hosting up to 20,000 attendees. Notably, BLACKPINK is the first female K-pop artist to hold a concert at the venue.

CR: Soompi

1. If I were Lisa, I would’ve 100% left. She can still be in the team anyways

2. I think that this is just false hope at this point

3. I hope that all 4 can continue to promote as BP. I wanna see more of BPㅠㅠ

4. I feel like they will reveal it at their concert. If she really left YG, she won’t be able to use BP’s name anymore

5. They are just media playing because their shares have been going down. If not, they would’ve already announced the news of renewal…

6. Her value is way too high. I feel like they won’t be able to offer her what she wants

7. Lisa’s solo Money was so popular

8. Lisa’s solo got the best reaction overseas and she’s also the most popular so I feel like she’ll leave YG but stay in BP. I feel like she’s super popular in England too

9. I didn’t even know that Lisa was the most popular… I felt like even if Lisa left, the remaining 3 would still do well in BP?

10. Just let her go. Currently, it’s Lisa >>>>>>> wall >>>>>>> YG. To be honest, it would be faster for Lisa to buy YG and recruit the other members