Musinsa Standard announced on the 9th that it has unveiled the Korean national team’s opening and closing ceremony uniforms ahead of the opening of the 33rd Paris Summer Olympics. Musinsa Standard is a casual wear brand (PB) developed by fashion platform Musinsa.

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The national team’s uniform presented this time consists of a ‘belted suit set-up’ using blue. Among the blue colors that symbolize the east and show youthful spirit and enterprising spirit, we chose wall blue, which has a calm feel, with the hope that the Korean national team will shine blue among athletes from various countries.

1. It looks clean 

2. It looks novel? The colors are nice and it’s so pretty 

3. I can’t believe Musinsa is at the level of Olympics now… 

4. Wow f*ck it looks freaking cool 

5. Hul they made it from Musinsa??

6. It kinda has that durumagi vibe, it’s nice 

7. Wow the belt is so nice 

8. This is daebak pretty

9. Oh it’s clean 

10. It looks both comfortable and cool