The tickets labeled as illegal trading reward

+ Another post said that it was a medal but it’s a griptok

“Photo card from being a secret investigator”

They even give a photocard

1. This is an onion

2. The kids who think it’s a good system won’t wake up until they get a ticket and get called out.

3. So have they ever caught the real scalper? I wonder.

4. I’m surprised this hasn’t come up before now, but maybe I’ve gotten jaded because all the industry treats fans like sh*t

5. No, but I think the intentions are fine. But it’s ridiculous to start something like that with no clear rules for selecting dealers and no flexibility in accepting the type of evidence.. 

6. With the introduction of this “secret agent” system, problems have arisen, with fans being victims whenever there’s a performance. Many fans have even called for the abolition of this system due to various issues, including the sale of goods that were supposed to be rewards. However, the agency is just so legendarily inefficient and has removed its fax and landline numbers. This frustration isn’t only from one or two instances. There are many other areas where the company’s handling of matters is unsatisfactory. Fans have been continuously ignored by the company, despite their reasonable demands. So in return, fans are expressing their discontent by sending protest trucks but the company ended up just fighting fans backㅎ

7. This feels like North Korea

8. But wouldn’t these people be suspended if they resold these “secret agent” rewards?

9. Wouldn’t this lead to fans just reporting whoever they want?

10. I understand what they are trying to do but… this is way too excessive