“Is Hong Eunchae close with Hong Seunghan? 

But Seunghan, who are you to bash someone like that?”


– But isn’t this a fact? It’s a fact

– You can’t dance, can’t sing and can’t rap

–  You’re all excited just because you got to MC for Mubank, our Eunchae is there (on the show)


– There’s something I want to give

*middle finger*

They’re confirming the events in real time 

1. F*cking turn off, what is even the point of having a live broadcast if you have a private account?

2. They’re seriously such b*tches towards female idols 

3. The comments shielding here are making me barf, what did Eunchae even do to deserve this?

4. Ah this is a private account’s live broadcast? I thought it was in their real account wow… They live as if there’s no tomorrow… But how did it end up here?? Who leaked this..

5. He’s not doing this with other male idols, he’s only doing this as a video call with TXT Soobin because they’re so close with each other and they’re fooling around…

6. How many times has it been with him already?

7. Isn’t it because he’s calling Soobin talentless and Soobin randomly mentioned Eunchae being a MC?

8. The fans shielding them no matter what they do are damn pitifulㅋㅋㅋ

9. This cannot be noise marketing at this point right?

10. With the environment in the Korean entertainment industry, it’s so hard to be a female idol and maintain career popularity, quality, and be respected both internally and externally right? It must be such an extreme job, so I really respect those who have done it consistently with a professional ethic