Super handsomeㄷㄷ

Weverse Wonbin, Sungchan / Wonbin, Shotaro’s two shot

1. He’s the handsomest to me nowadays

2. He kinda gives me the Hero Jaejoong vibes. He’s shockingly handsome… I know that it hasn’t been long since he debuted but I wanna see him in a drama or movie too

3. He has that youth manhwa character vibe and is good at live. I like idols like him. You need to be talented to look like an idol. His facial features are quite big so he gives off even more the idol vibe… I wanna see him play a corrupted role… but he also looks flawless

4. Every time I see him in the HOT Category, he reminds me of Hyungyu from Transit Love

5. His eyes are pretty

6. His body is also too handsome, like his neck and collarbones

7. Wow he looks like a manhwa

8. HQㅇㅇ

9. This guy’s face is impressive but I think that everyone in RIIZE is handsome

10. His face is daebak but his neck, shoulders and bone structure are also handsome