UNIVERSE TICKET Tour in Seoul Performance Cancellation Notice

hello, This is F&F Entertainment.

First, thank you for your interest in the “UNIVERSE TICKET Tour in Seoul” concert.

Due to the foreigner performers’ E-6 visa transfer and academic issues, it was impossible for all performers to attend, so we had to inevitably decide to cancel this “UNIVERSE TICKET Tour in Seoul” concert.

We ask for your understanding as this was a situation that could only be confirmed at the time of selection of the 16 members participating in the final station.

Tickets purchased in advance will be automatically canceled and refunded upon cancellation of the performance.

We ask for your interest and love for Universe Ticket Final Station on January 17, 2024.

thank you


This was the ticketing situation before the cancelation… (t/n: purple = free seats)

1. They picked such freaking good songs… What a shame

2. Wow they totally flopped 

3. Isn’t this the survival show where they distorted the voice of the participants?

4. The survival show itself was a flop, how can they think of holding a concert?

5. I didn’t even know there was a survival 

6. If the tickets don’t sell, of course they should cancel the show 

7. The songs are the only good thing about the show 

8. Stop idols survival shows on public TV… I always pity the kids

9. They found a pretty good excuse

10. This was a survival show? It’s my first time hearing