Comment: Ryeowook-ah… Let’s diet a bit. Are you unable to manage your body now that you’re dating? So why are you still earning money from the fans… Just withdraw and go run a cafe with your girlfriend or something… As a 10 years fan of yours, you’re pathetic

Ryeowook: So I’m the pathetic one. Me too I pity you. 

Liking me for 10 years. That’s scary. You didn’t in fact like me those 10 past years, it feels more like you liked yourself for liking someone (for 10 years). I sincerely hope you can look at yourself. And I didn’t earn money because of you, but because I’m hardworking. I spent my time working so hard, you can’t even imagine the extent of effort I’ve put. Don’t take what I did for granted. And don’t live your life hurting others. What a waste of energy. Don’t love anyone. Just spend your life alone forever. Don’t harm others

1. Refreshing 

2. Why are people concerned for the hate commenter’s feelings? ㅋㅋ He talks well 

3. F*ck that’s clearly not a fan but a troll, why are hate commenters talking for fans?

4. He’s not trying to pick fights with his own fans, he’s just spitting facts clearly 

5. How are people divided over what he said? That’s clearly for a fan 

6. Ryeowook fighting, this was refreshing~~

7. They’re just f*cking bashing each other ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Refreshing

9. This is why I love Kim Ryeowook!!!!!!

10. Ryeowook is good with his words