‘Birth rate in the 0-person range’…Thailand is similar to Korea

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According to the United Nations Population Survey, Thailand’s total fertility rate as of September this year was 0.95. If this continues, it is certain that the number will fall to zero. Thai society, which was shocked last year by the lowest birth rate in 71 years of 1.00 (National Economic and Social Development Commission of Thailand), is in turmoil again in less than a year. It appears to be following the trend of Korea’s total fertility rate (0.70 in the second quarter).

And currently, Bangkok’s birth rate is already lower than Seoul’s 

If the trend accelerates in China, they’ll also reach 0 this year

This will soon become a problem for Asians’ unique culture.. 

1. For real, this is an Asian issueㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. This is the same for SEA, if you live in a hot country, men are always playing and women are the ones working and trying to earn money. If you look at Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand, they’re all similar 

3. It’s because Asian men suck 

4. They’re smart

5. Are Thai men as bad as Korean men? And I thought China had the best gender equality because of their socialist beliefs? I’m shocked that I was so ignorant 

6. Fighting to all Asian women 

7. They’re the countries who protect the likes of Hannams

8. So it’s true that the higher the women rights, the lower the birth rates, the lower the women rights, the higher the birth rates… This is sad

9. There are too many Asians, we’re fine decreasing it a bitㅋ

10. Thai women fighting♡