“Stop playing games with words with a statement that doesn’t have a clear message. It’s not clear, so everyone will interpret it differently, and that’s the kind of public reaction you want, because then you can say you didn’t say what you actually said.

In the last article, you said that you checked with Kim Ji Woong and the staff on site, and in this article, you said that the staff was listening but couldn’t remember what was said. You don’t know who I am or what I said, so what did you check? It’s natural that Kim Ji Woong and his staff don’t remember what was said that day. I’m not a sasaeng, I’m just an ordinary fan. If I had said something weird, I would have been stopped on the spot by the staff and it would have been clearly remembered.

It’s really arrogant of you to write a denial article based on nothing but your trust in Kim Ji Woong and the staff’s testimonies, and then say that because people don’t believe you, you’ve ‘done’ extra fact-checking. I can clearly hear the profanity, but what do you believe…?

In your article today, you claimed that there is a possibility of an external recording, but how can this be the basis for your judgment that it is not Kim Ji Woong’s voice? It’s not even clear that there is an external recording, so how can that be the basis?

There was only me and a friend (a woman) who was filming next to me, so could it have been me who was laughing or my friend who was filming under her breath? You’re not even a staff member, so you’re blaming the members next to you? Do you think not only me, but the public is stupid?”

(T/N: Rest of her post is talking about how she rewatched the recording multiple times and heard “f*ck” clearly. She also says that if he really didn’t say it, then they should at least explain the situation clearly for the fans who paid millions of won to see him. She said that she’s not posting the full video because she doesn’t have anything against him. She asked them to release the CCTV that Wake One has of that day to show their decency.)

1. The fan is just so pitiful… I feel bad for her…

2. Sigh.. I feel so bad for her

3. I just want you to know that there are more people who support, care, and empathize with you than there are people who hate youㅠ find strengthㅠ

4. This is really a legendary event of the idols industry. Damn

5. ? And he still has fans after this?ㅋㅋㅋ

6. Isn’t the agency admitting that whoever swore was swearing? Then they should have explained the situation to this fan and at least apologized, why didn’t they do that?

I didn’t want to comment baout this, but the way the agency handled it is so weird and stupid.

7. I honestly support this fan

8. I want this person to read the comments here. There are way more idol fans who support and relate to her but the troll fans are the louder ones…

9. I feel so bad for her after reading this post. The fan must’ve had such a hard timeㅠㅠ I hope that the company releases the CCTV and apologizes…

10. She seems so hurt. Seriously, how can he do something like this to a fan who loves him?