Balaclava Masks 

As balaclavas began to become popular around 2000s, they became more comfortable to wear than expected and covered well against the weather, and as the number of balaclava lovers increased, full-face balaclavas that covered most of the face in became fashionable. It is said to be a very hot item.


Usually in the Summer or for everyday wear, they often use simple, thin materials that are breathable, comfortable, and UV-resistant.

Recently, as it has become fashionable, it now incorporates softer and thicker fabrics usually worn during colder seasons

And as it has become a fashion item for hipsters, it seems that these days, people are customizing it a lot by adding their favorite patterns or captions, and the materials and designs are becoming more diverse.

In the West, it is popular for its hip feel and functionality, but in the East, it’s popular for its warm and cute flair.

In foreign countries, the weather is so extreme and the UV rays are strong, so many balaclavas for children are being produced. They are made with UV-resistant materials and are said to be much more effective than sunscreen.

As always, if it’s popular overseas and even if it’s not full-face balaclavas, we’re seeing more and more balaclavas in Korea every winter, or things that look like full-face masks are also appearing a little bit haha.

Recently, it seems that popular singers such as Cardi B, Beyonce, Doja Cat, and Madonna are also into them. 

In particular, it has become a fashion trend among young people and hipsters, and the demand is so high that even celebrity collaboration products are being released.

1. But the moment you enter a bank…

2. I find balaclavas so cute but the people in this post look so strong ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. We need this for Korean Winters

4. Mommy Son?

(pic for ref)

5. People didn’t want to hear a thing when we were telling them to wear masks, but now they’re covering everything but their eyes ㅋㅋ

6. Won’t you faint in these during the Summer…??

7. They look like terrorists

8. Mommy Son 

9. Those are weak, Kanye covered everything

10. Is that the bank robbery look?