“Honestly, aside from some idols who write and compose their own songs, it feels like most of them just receive everything done by others… 

Singing and dancing should be the basics, but not many idols excel at both. It seems like a job where they receive songs, hair and makeup, concepts, styling, choreography, etc., and just present what has been prepared for them. I’m not saying they don’t work hard, but the effort put in by others to create these idols is probably much greater. Yet, we only like the idols we see which is kinda strange. I understand why people like idols, of course, but the idol industry itself is quite weird.

Sigh, it’s hard to express properly in writing.”

1. I agreed when SHINee’s Key or Taeyeon said something along the lines of “Does a singer have to make their own songs? Interpreting and performing a song given to you is also a skill.” After all, it’s not just idols who receive songs from songwriters. Ballad and dance singers have always done that and continue to do so. If most of our country’s singers were songwriters, I might see the point, but they aren’t. If the criticism were about lacking skills or not being as good as before, I’d accept it as a K-pop veteran

2. By this logic, does anything that isn’t self-created lack value? Why dismiss the process and effort involved? Enjoying the singing and dancing performance on stage is what matters. Just because someone follows what was prepared doesn’t mean the results will be the same

3. If you think about it, figure skating also involves a choreographer, a costume designer, and someone who picks the music. The skater just performs based on that, right? But what differentiates a great skater from an average one is how they interpret the choreography and execute their skills. The same goes for idols, the way they use their voice and dance to how to make the audience like them is their talent

4. You can hate on the system but why harshly hate the profession itself? Do those critics have such independent and unique jobs themselves? Most people work with the roles and responsibilities given by their company and use their skills to accomplish their job

5. It might seem like an industry that could disappear and possibly improve many people’s mental health

6. But songwriting is a separate profession. Why ask idols to do it? Being an idol can involve songwriting and you might like it or not. If you prefer singer-songwriters, then you can fangirl on them instead

7. Actors are similar, and businesses have countless departments supporting the sales team. What are you even trying to say?ㅋㅋㅋ

8. But to be honest, even singer-songwriters don’t write and compose all their songs

9. Celebrities are just products, thinking like this makes you understand things way easier

10. ?? Aren’t actors the same? They are just acting script given by others