If you provide just the start and end frames, the animation is automatically generated

If you add a few rough sketches, you can customize the intermediate frames between the start and end frames as you like.

The AI generates intermediate frame sketches for you, allowing you to choose from them or modify them to your preference.

You only need to color one frame and input the sketches, and the AI will color the remaining frames automatically.

1. The UK fell behind in the automotive industry because it tried to protect its carriage industry. Instead of resisting change, we need to anticipate the future and prepare for it. We should think about what AI can’t do and how we can leverage it for our benefit. As the world changes, certain jobs will inevitably disappear. Now, it’s possible to create an animation with just an idea. The economies of scale are weakening, and the power of creativity is growing stronger.

2. Wow, we’re going to see a flood of animation projects. Just like how individual YouTubers emerged, there will be a surge of individual animation creators.

3. I should have studied AI…

4. This could be great for the animation industry… Seeing how much effort animators put into their work, it’s a bit heartbreakingㅠ..

5. It’s not quite perfect for long and consistent animations yet, but where you used to need to draw 100 frames, now you only need to draw 50 or even 10. The animation industry is labor-intensive, so this could drastically cut costs, but it might also lead to huge job losses for animators since outsourcing to other countries wouldn’t be necessary.

6. Only key animators will survive…… In-between animators, who were already underpaid, will disappear unless they become key animators themselves.

7. Miyazaki would be furiousㅋㅋㅋ

8. Miyazaki would be really pissed. Especially since the art style here looks like Ghibli’s.

9. It seems like a time when people with their own stories and directing ideas in their heads will thrive. I’m in the 2D animation field, and this doesn’t feel like someone else’s problem anymore. I think that I’m just f*cked

10. Do you really think that it only affect us right now? Even high schoolers and middle schoolers have to seriously rethink their career paths