The 2015 plagiarism controversies: 

I’ll be your underline because you’re important

– YOU-nim’s post (t/n: apparently a tweet from someone who writes thoughts/short passages)

I’ll be your underline because you’re important 

– RM 

If you lie with loneliness, the bed gets wider

– Radiordiary -nim’s post (t/n: another tweet)

If you lie with loneliness, the bed *always* gets wider

– RM 

I should’ve just given in, why do I *always* I argue over it?

– Kim Gaeri-nim’s poem 

I should’ve just given in, why did I argue over it?

– RM 

A confession in the middle of a beautiful night, with the moon as our light

– Gaeko

In the middle of a beautiful night I’ll confess to you, with the moon as our light


Last name ever First name greatest

– Drake

My first name is Greatest and my last name is ever

– RM 

Exactly half of me is dead 


Exactly half of me is crying 

– Suga 

I’ll interpret it for you, I have no mercy. You know why? Because I don’t even have money for the bus

– Swings

I’m unemployed so I have no mercy, You’re really unemployed so you have no money for the bus

– RM 

I’ll wipe it off silently. Effort is everything

– Yankie 

And I’ll wipe it off silently, effort is everything

– J-Hope 

Ga na da ra ma ba sa  – Ah ja cha ka ta pa, God protect and preserve us […] Hakuna Matata 

– TOP 

Ga na da ra ma ba sa Hakuna Matata


HOOK 1:DOK2 a.k.a gonzo 

Because of who? (because of hip hop)

Because of who? (because of this rap) 

Because of who? (Whut) because of who (what?)

Because of who? (because of PFL) 

Because of who? (because of Hardcore) 

Because of who? (because of the Real Shit) 

Because of who? (why) Because of who? (what?)

Because of who? (because of my confidence) 


BTS – War of Hormones

(Because of who?) Because of a girl 

(Because of who?) Because of hormones

(Because of who?) Because I’m a man

(Because of who?) Because of a girl 

(Because of who?) Because of a girl 

(Because of who?) Because of hormones

(Because of who?)  Because I’m a man 

(Because of who?)  Because of a girl 

2014 tweet before the controversy:

BTS tweet: 

After starting music, we have never joked and are not planning to joke around [music]. Just trust us and follow us, because we will let you hear even better music in the future

But after the controversy grew, they acknowledged it and apologized

Article title: BTS acknowledge lyrics plagiarism… “”Everything is my fault” sincere apology 

But in 2018, on their concert VCR, they showed this kind of image: 

You can read the acronyms for Plagiarism-boys and Sajaegi 

At that time the reactions were: They indeed received unnecessary hate over sajaegi, but they did indeed apologize for their plagiarism though? 

Looking back, they created this whole narrative about how Bighit/HYBE only had one boy group and that the leader even apologized readily for their mistakes, so there was no way that they would ever commit sajaegi.

1. It’s my first time seeing a boy group  brag about a woman’s pelvis like that

Your sexy mind and your sexy body
You were even born with sexy brain wrinkles
Just in jeans, a white tee and converse high tops
That makes me wanna party on your body
At the end of of your long, shiny hair
Your gentle hips/pelvis sing
You’re like a forest, shining inside the city
With that unrealistic body, you embrace my reality
And I want you to be really really real for me
Sometimes like my mom, sometimes you’re my energy
I’m an honest guy
I’m so nice on the outside that my enemies can’t stop being honest
You’re so different from the normal people outside
That’s why you’re called the ideal type
Yeah, when I think of you, my heart grows cold
You’re my winter ocean, I want to walk by you

2. Wow daebak….

3. Wow seriously ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is f*cking disgusting 

4. The plagiarism over the lyrics is such a turnoff 

5. No but…. I don’t know a single thing about idols, but the lyrics are shocking 

6. I don’t care about BTS, but I’ve always found RM likable, but looking at how he writes his lyrics, I’m disgusted

7. Is RM even for real? This is shocking 

8. They tried everything they could to bury this down, but now that it has been dug up, they’re trying to play the “others have inferiority complex” card, hilarious ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. The fact that this was only dug up now is insane………..

10. I’m embarrassed