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1. He reminds me of those zombies who do drugs overseas… We’ll have to wait until the results come out to see if it’s life threatening, but it might be just luck that he’s not as sick as Yoo Ah In. If he’s acting this way, I’m sure people around him would be suspicious too.. Why?

2. Ah he’s scary ㅠㅠ

3. This isn’t a side effect of marijuana.. Those are symptoms of someone who injected fentanyl or some kind of drug injection 

4. What the? This straight up looks like someone who injected fentanyl ㄷㄷ Scary 

5. Creepy. This reminds me of the action of people who took drugs on the streets

6. Seriously he looks like a zombie. The fact that people dropped his charges all this time is even weirder

7. For real, he has to be addicted

8. This looks way worse than Yoo Ah in 

9. We should’ve caught him earlier. Is he even able to rehab at this point?

10. If he’s acting that way, I bet people aroung him all know about it already. This is severe