According to a KBS investigation, A, a brothel owner who allegedly provided drugs to actor Lee Sunkyun and others, stated in a police statement that she “suspected” or “took drugs” with two more celebrities.

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A, a brothel owner who has been accused of providing drugs to actor Lee Sunkyun and singer Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon), recently changed her stance on Kwon in a police investigation, and in the process, told police about another famous actor, B, who is not Lee Sunkyun.

A had previously stated that she suspected Mr. Kwon of taking drugs, but as the investigation was repeated, she reportedly changed her position somewhat, stating that she “didn’t see Mr. Kwon doing drugs himself” and that “B, the actor who visited her brothel with Mr. Kwon, might have done it.”

The reason for suspecting B was that “not only Mr. Kwon but also B went to the restroom where the cocaine was, once or twice, and stayed for a long time, and their eyes were very bloodshot even though they hadn’t been drinking,” she said in the police investigation.

In addition to B, A’s statement to the police also confirmed that C, a famous singer, was suspected of taking drugs.

A also stated in the police investigation that “C had taken drugs before February this year.”

A stated that C took several types of drugs on a tray at an acquaintance’s house, and that “C said that ‘cocaine was good’ among them.”

In fact, during the investigation, the police reportedly asked A, “What did you mean when you said that singer C sent you a text message saying ‘I did it’?”

The Incheon National Police Agency says that as additional celebrities have come forward with statements regarding alleged drug use in addition to the known individuals, “we plan to continue our investigation into the suspicions for which statements have been secured.”

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