Nayeon (28, real name Lim Na-yeon), a member of the girl group TWICE, has won a 600 million won “debt (default on obligation)” lawsuit. Nayeon’s mother’s former lover, Mr. A, filed a lawsuit to “repay 600 million won borrowed from Nayeon’s side,” but lost.

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On the 19th, the Seoul Eastern District Court’s 13th Civil Division (Chief Judge Choi Yong-ho) ruled against Mr. A in a loan suit against Nayeon and Nayeon’s mother, according to legal reports. The court admitted that Mr. A had transferred over 500 million won to Nayeon for 12 years, but determined that there was insufficient evidence to recognize it as a loan.

1. 500 million won from an ex-lover…??

2. Wow f*ck, it’s so hard to be a celebrity, even things like this are all getting exposed to the public

3. So he lent her money because they were lovers and wanted her to repay him once she became successful?

4. I just read the full article and he lent her money so she can pay for her living expenses

5. This is too much… do we need to write articles about artists’ private lives like this?…

6. Why drag Nayeon into this?

7. I don’t know the details, and I won’t comment more on it since it says that he lost the case, but 500 million is too much not to repay no?

8. So they’re not repaying him 600 million won???? Seriously, I hate people who borrow money from others and never repay them back. The borrowing people are completely out for blood

9. If you look at the full article, it’s more detailed, but it seems like it was money spent on living expenses that were used together. Things like rent, tuition fees, communications, loan repayment..

10. Hul… 500 million won in 12 years is a lot of money… It’s written “lovers” but I wonder if they were not actually married?

11. If they all used the money, there’s no way that Nayeon wouldn’t get dragged into this too

12. The court is way too harsh… he paid close to 600 million won in living expenses 

13. Kids, Nayeon used that money too

14. The article says “The report also found that Nayeon and her mother made purchases of 115.61 million won on a credit card in A’s name over a six-year period from March 2009 to February 2015.” so I don’t think that Nayeon is unrelated to this? I’m guessing they used it for living expenses, but she’s successful now so she should pay him back….

15. Read the article properly, the money went to both Nayeon and her mother

16. If he’s paying them to live, they should repay him back. It’s all thanks to him that they didn’t live in poverty. 

17. If she’s been using his money from an young age, she should pay it back. Sigh… I don’t know if they were all living together though

18. Wow… 600 million….

19. It doesn’t matter if they are married or not. Any relationship should be treated the same. Is this really the right ruling?

20. But they used the money altogether since it was for their living expenses