Some netizens expressed the opinion that they were uncomfortable with the fact that the images of IU, who is deaf, and BTS’s V, who lost his sight, depicted people with disabilities, and that it was based on the ‘poor imagination’ of a disabled couple idealizing and yearning for the love of a non-disabled couples. In addition, since disability is not something to be overcome, it was pointed out that making disability the subject itself was an objectification and romanticization of the disabled. The ending was also criticized for a lack of deep thinking in that it was not IU and V who had entered a happy world without hatred and discrimination, but rather their disabilities had disappeared.

On the other hand, there are strong opinions that this music video should be viewed another “topic” other than focusing on disabilities. It can be viewed from various perspectives, such as zombies, viruses, and loss of function in dystopia, but limiting it to a ‘disability’ is itself a prejudice. In fact, if you look at the lyrics of ‘Love Wins All’, it is just a story about general love and there is no hint or mention of disability. Fans are also reacting with “what a disappointment” to IU, citing as an example the fact that the original title ‘Love Wins’ was changed to ‘Love Wins All’ due to criticism that it was ‘a word exclusive to sexual minorities’.


1. I feel like this was an inevitable issue that could’ve been created

2. It’s true that if you use disabled people as a subject, you open yourself for criticism over it… Do you think it makes any sense to use them as a subject and not want to hear any criticism?

3. Me too I thought about something similar to the article’s point of view.. 

4. Of course people are allowed to think about it… But I think it’s too far to call it “belittling” disabled people 

5. I don’t understand why people understood it as them trying to portray IU and V trying to “overcome” disability, rather I thought it was smart that they were putting it as a contrast to a “non-disabled” life

6. I want to hear people who think that this is a forced hate, but seems like people can’t even come up with a reason here

7. I seriously don’t get this.. This is such a forced hate

8. I feel like people are valid for thinking like that though 

9. I don’t think that this is “hate” towards the disabled, but I feel like people are valid for thinking that it was problematic too..

10. I don’t think it’s hate towards disabled people, but I do think that they treated the subject way too naively