According to a French netizen who was attending a club in Lyon, France, Jung made an appearance at the establishment and, while the netizen was first unsure of his identity, quickly determined that it was the disgraced former singer.

OP shared their experience with Jung, stating that he offered to take their drinks when they realized they had received the wrong order. He then asked for the Instagram handles of OP and those in their group, and later, after gathering more information due to being worried about being mistaken and offending someone innocent, OP became more certain that it was, in fact, Jung Joon Young.

Here’s a summary translation of the situation described by the French  OP who encountered Jung Joon Young in a club in Lyon, France:

“1. The OP, a French individual, ordered drinks with friends at a club in Lyon, France, but received the wrong order. Rather than discard it, they considered offering it to people nearby. Suddenly, a man appeared and expressed interest in drinking it himself, and that man turned out to be Jung Joon Young.

2. The OP recognized Jung Joon Young immediately upon seeing his face, but was not entirely sure. In that state of uncertainty, JJY asked for the Instagram handles of the people in OP’s group, but because there was no data inside the club (typical France, haha), JJY took a picture of OP’s Instagram handle instead.

3. The OP remained unsure, so they took a good look at the guy’s tattoo and then later looked it up. At this point, OP was almost certain he was JJY.

4. After JJY left, another Korean man pointed at JJY and asked, “Did you see that guy?” He informed them that the man was a famous Korean singer >> At this point, OP was absolutely certain it was JJY. OP shared this with their friends who were with them.

5. Meanwhile, JJY went up to another young French girl and was flirting and making out with her.

The OP was so shocked that they wanted to approach and intervene but instead decided not to show any interest in the POS. Also, the OP didn’t take things further because they feared that if they caused a scene, they might risk putting the young girl JJY was flirting with at harm. To prevent unnecessary videos or photos from being taken and circulated, they couldn’t take any action.

6. The next day, JJY followed the OP’s Instagram.”

Jung followed OP on Instagram, but it turned out that his account only had four followers, so was apparently new. OP also discovered that the former singer was having trouble finding work in Europe. The OP also says they don’t want to post any videos or share the name of the club for their own safety and for privacy reasons, and tells women to be on guard against Joon Young.

CR: Koreaboo

1. No but he’s already out of prison? Just why is our country so generous towards s*x offenders?

2. Ban him from entering the country

3. Same goes for Seungri. As soon as he was released from prison, he went to a club. A dog eats poop after all

4. the BBC video needs to spread more

5. So he’s just gonna continue to live the same lifeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Seriously an as*h*le

7. It might not be the most appropriate phrase, but… he’s really hanging in there. Well, if you’re not going to die, you might as well live your life to the fullest. What else can you do? Just don’t do any more bad things and live in repentance.

8. Isn’t that kind of crime supposed to be shared with Interpol?

9. As expected, people don’t change easily

10. Change your nationality and don’t come to Korea ever again