Women in their 30s are on the same level as men.

It’s not that we’re not as attractive as women (in our 30s), 

it’s just that being pretty and having a good personality isn’t all that anymore. 

It’s like men in their 30s, no matter how handsome and good-natured they are, men in their 30s who are penniless and without a decent job are ignored in the marriage market.

Women in their 30s should have enough money saved in proportion to their years of experience, and if not, they need a good reason for it.

Because we can make inference about your future based on that.

That’s right, if a woman in her early or mid-20s gets married,

Of course, it is right for the man to be the breadwinner/earn enough to provide for her

However, women in their 30s are not people who need to be “saved”

Young women exchange their youth for a man’s duty of (financial) support, but women in their 30s have no more youth to exchange.

1. 🤮

2. But ajussis are all ugly once they grow old, so no more women want to marry them ㅋㅋ

3. Whatㅋㅋ

4. Is OP swearing at his unrequited love?

5. We don’t care

6. No but women are staying still, why are men acting up?

7. Why should we prove ourselves??

8. We know what is best for ourselves alright ㅎㅎ

9. Stop caring about women 

10. Yeah yeah whatever