Hello, this is Yong Jun Hyung.

Back then, I was foolish and wrong. I couldn’t fix the wrong situation and didn’t know the right choice due to the criticism. Due to fear, I didn’t want to cause damage to the company and members, and because it was a place that I worked at for many years, it was really special to me. I was prepared to lose everything when I made the decision to leave the group.

I was sent a video in my messenger without any explanation and I pressed the black screen. I didn’t know what it would be or what the intention was before I pressed the video. Afterward, I could have said, ‘Stop, this is wrong,’ but I couldn’t, and I spent all this time ignoring it.

But, as I said before and what I said later, I have never entered any chat room and was not involved in the incident where things that I don’t even want to talk about has happened.

Over the years, media and the public have continued to state that I was a part of the incident and a member of the chatroom and that I consumed illegal footage…So I responded to the parts that were not true, but no article or person revealed that I was not a part of the incident, making me the same as the people in the chatroom.

I didn’t have the confidence to bring up the past and talk about it, so I thought things would settle down if I just didn’t find the courage and ignore the issue.

I endured and persevered even though I was hurt and scarred. Please…I beg you..I hope that my family and the people that are special to me, including my fans, don’t get hurt.
To everyone and reporters, I will work hard and live every day reflecting on my actions and remarks that I couldn’t correct in the past.

Thank you for reading this long post. It’s easy to catch a cold in the hot summer. Everyone take care and have a good day!

Cr. Koreaboo 

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