THIS 2nd Gen Idols Hidden Identity Revealed— ‘It takes a lot of strength to face the world…’

In a recent YouTube vlog, former Stellar member Jeonyul took a stroll down memory lane as she revisited the places where she once trained and promoted as part of the second-generation K-Pop group.

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The vlog offered a unique insight into her life as an idol and, in particular, the story of how she managed to keep her true identity hidden from an unsuspecting restaurant owner for years.

Keeping Up Appearances

Jeonyul’s journey began as she walked the familiar path from Gangnam train station to her former company building, a journey she had made countless times during her idol days. She reminisced about the basement-level practice room where she and her fellow Stellar members spent grueling hours honing their skills, often exceeding 12 hours a day.

Within the practice room, Jeonyul pointed out the spot where a couch once stood, where members would take short breaks from their intense practice sessions and keep a watchful eye out for their CEO, who frequently dropped by to monitor their progress.

She also highlighted the apartment across the street, where debut lineup members Leeseul and JoA had lived and where the group often hung out together.

Stellar Jeonyul

(Photo : Instagram|@youlri_0320@)

“It takes a lot of strength to face the world,I felt embarrassed and hesitated to reveal my true identity as restaurant owner, even offered words of encouragement, hoping I would make debut like my friends.”

One particular aspect that stood out in Jeonyul’s vlog was her affection for a local restaurant, which she enthusiastically touted as the “best restaurant in the country.” She frequented this establishment with her fellow members, often indulging in hearty meals.

Furthermore, Jeonyul couldn’t risk revealing her identity because she had occasionally brought her boyfriend to the restaurant. Idols in relationships often face criticism from some netizens, and Jeonyul wanted to avoid potential backlash.

Stellar Jeonyul

(Photo : Instagram|@youlri_0320@)

Jeonyul’s vlog offers an intriguing glimpse into the life of a second-generation K-Pop idol, with a particular focus on the challenges and secrets they must navigate to maintain their public image.

It’s a testament to the intricate web of personal and professional dynamics that these idols face in their quest for stardom. For more captivating behind-the-scenes stories about the second-generation K-Pop group, be sure to watch the rest of Jeonyul’s vlog.