THIS 33-Year-Old K-Pop Idol Steals the Show with His Insane Physique at Waterbomb 2024

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2024 Waterbomb Seoul has officially kicked off, and among the headliners for July 5 was BTOB’s Minhyuk, also known as Huta.

Last year, Minhyuk went viral at the festival for his incredible physique after his fellow members Eunkwang and Sungjae assisted in removing his shirt, leaving him to continue the performance shirtless. This year, Minhyuk once again captivated the audience with his impressive display.


For part of the performance, Minhyuk wore a jacket without a shirt, showcasing his well-defined abs. The sensual fancam quickly went viral, amassing 136.9K views at the time of writing.

Despite the account holder’s passing, the clip remains a testament to Minhyuk’s appeal. His duality of being both cute and sexy garnered significant attention, with another fancam reaching 111.5K views.


Minhyuk eventually removed his jacket, and alongside his backup dancers, delivered a powerful shirtless performance. This moment alone garnered 772K views, solidifying his status as a viral sensation.


It wasn’t just his abs that caught the attention of fans. Minhyuk’s back muscles also left netizens in awe, with many praising his “godly” physique. One fan exclaimed, “His physique is genuinely godly,” while another remarked, “It’s a good day to be a Minhyuk fan.”



At this point, Minhyuk has undoubtedly earned the title of the king of Waterbomb, with his stunning performances and incredible physique leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next appearance.