THIS 3rd-Gen Boy Group Goes Viral For ‘Orchestral’ Comeback: ‘Mom, This Is K-Pop’

The K-pop community is praising THIS third-gen K-pop boy group’s comeback for implementing a classical vibe into their music.

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THIS 3rd-Gen Boy Group Goes Viral For 'Orchestral' Comeback: 'Mom, This Is K-Pop'
(Photo : Instagram: @wm_onoff)

ONF Stuns FUSEs With Hard-Hitting But Orchestral Comeback ‘Bye My Monster’

On April 8, ONF officially released their eighth mini album “Beautiful Shadow” and the music video for its title track “Bye My Monster.”

(Photo : Instagram: @wm_onoff)
ONF, Bye My Monster
(Photo : Facebook: ONF)

Immediately after its release, the MV for “Bye My Monster” gained attention across the internet due to its musicality and music video, which according to netizens, have brought a throwback to the music of second-gen and third-gen K-pop.

Watch the full MV for “Bye My Monster” here:


The MV’s comments section was filled with ecstatic listeners, who admired the release. Internet users then commented on how praiseworthy the music, visuals, and performance of ONF were.

Fans also specifically mentioned the classical instruments in the song, resembling it to some of GFRIEND’s orchestral rock music.

  • “Excuse me? The high notes, deep voice, choreography, visuals, and song! The masterpiece!”
  • “It blows my mind how people still sleep on ONF they are amazing and always give us bangers.”
  • “ONF is the king of instrumentals. It’s so rare to see K-pop boy groups do different things and mostly just follow the trend sound. ONF deserves more fame.”
  • “I’ve always loved ONF’s music, but the orchestral synths here are so beautiful. Giving strong GFRIEND vibes.”
  • “ONF always does something unique and interesting. They don’t follow trends, they just give us ONF. This is a great track, and the chorus was totally unexpected!”

ONF, Bye My Monster
(Photo : Facebook: ONF)
ONF, Bye My Monster
(Photo : Facebook: ONF)

The MV sparked reactions in an online thread and netizens were amazed by the comeback.

  • “Wow, this was freaking good.”
  • “Mom this is K-pop.”
  • “I’m not a fan but ONF songs are so my type, I always look forward to their comeback.”
  • “The song is good, and I bet it’ll hit big among international KPOP listeners too. It’s the style of song that will do good on Spotify.”
  • “This song is so good. I’ve been on theqoo for years and I haven’t left any comments until now. It feels like the continuation of We Must Love.”
  • “Ha Hwang Hyun seriously. You’re the one making my heart beat.”
  • “I hope this group keeps releasing songs, it’s the type of group that releases new songs and will make me keep listening to them.”

The song scratches that itch of late 2nd gen to early 3rd gen BGs like Infinite and B2ST right down from the dramatic flair of strings to the song structure,” a netizen stated. “It’s good it’s nice that finally someone is bringing it back.”

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