THIS 3rd-Gen K-pop Idol Proves ‘Vocal Queen’ Status by Covering Taeyeon’s ‘To X’

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This popular main vocalist from the third-gen is gaining attention for covering Taeyeon’s “To. X,” which proved her status as one of K-pop’s best singers.

Read more about her cover below!

THIS 3rd-Gen K-pop Idol Proves 'Vocal Queen' Status by Covering Taeyeon's 'To X'
(Photo : Instagram, Twitter)

Yuju Gains Attention for Covering Taeyeon’s ‘To X,’ LUVUs In Awe of Idol’s Versatile Vocals

We love seeing a vocal queen covering another vocal queen’s song!

(Photo : Instagram: @yuuzth)

On February 9, Yuju officially released her cover for Taeyeon’s newest title track “To. X,” which drew attention among netizens and the K-pop community.

In the video, the vocalist was shown to be wearing a fashionable black turtleneck, and as the clip started, Yuju didn’t hesitate to flex her singing skills.

Watch Yuju’s full cover of “To X” here:


With a song like “To X” that doesn’t focus much on belting high notes, Yuju gained attention for not just bringing justice to Taeyeon’s song, but also for showcasing various vocal techniques in the cover.

Moreover, Yuju dropped jaws with her facial expressions, highlighting how much the “DALALA” singer enjoyed doing the cover and capturing the song’s raw emotions. In the video’s comments section and X (Twitter), netizens and fans complimented the singer for her insane talent.

Read their comments below:

  • “Oh my, Yuju’s covers always never fail and she always gives unexpected gifts with hints. I have another cover that I can keep returning to again and again.”
  • “OMG Yuju covering a Taeyeon song, what a gift! This sounded so good and I loved the style/attitude Yuju had in covering this song. Thank you, Yuju!”
  • “Yuju is such a versatile vocalist and covers just about anything! My favorite 3rd gen vocalist covering my favorite 2nd gen vocalist is everything!”
  • “It’s amazing, Yuju’s expressions make people watch people in wonder.”
  • “It would be nice to give more opportunities to the person who always captures or interprets the song excellently and conceives the mood of the video to suit itself.”
  • “Thanks to this cover, I can feel the emotion of the lyrics well. It’s the best, so please keep singing Choi Yuna. Thank you, Yuna.”




(Photo : Yuju Twitter)

Prior to her career as a soloist, Yuju had already established her status as one of the most talented vocalists in the third generation during her time with GFRIEND.

Outside of her former group’s discography that presents her flawless high notes, Yuju has also shown her versatility by doing covers and OSTs such as “Out Of Time,” “Dynamite,” “Downtown Baby,” “We,” “Yoru ni Kakeru,” “I’m in the Mood for Dancing,” “Falling,” and many more.










What was your reaction to Yuju’s amazing “To. X” cover? Which song would you like to see Yuju do next? Let us know in the comments below!

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