THIS 5th-Gen K-pop Group’s Debut Song Receives Mixed Reactions For ‘Outdated’ Lyrics: ‘It’s Not 2012 Anymore’

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This newly debuted rookie group’s title track is receiving mixed reviews from netizens due to its “outdated” lyrics.

Here’s what they’re saying.

THIS 5th-Gen K-pop Group's Debut Song Receives Mixed Reactions For 'Outdated' Lyrics: 'It's Not 2012 Anymore'
(Photo : Twitter: @BRAVE_CandyShop)

Candy Shop’s ‘Good Girl’ Receives Mixed Reactions For Having Outdated Lyrics, K-pop Stans Call Out Producers

On March 27, Candy Shop officially made their debut with first mini album “Hashtag#” and its title track “Good Girl.” The music video for “Good Girl” was also released, calling the attention of K-pop stans who have waited for the girl group.

Candy Shop, Good Girl
(Photo : Twitter: @BRAVE_CandyShop)

In the MV for “Good Girl,” the quartet composed of members Soram, Yuina, Sui, and Sarang, impressed listeners with their music, vocals, and candy-themed concept.

Watch the MV for “Good Girl” here:


However, on the same day, netizens gathered in an online community that discussed the lyrics of “Good Girl.” The author uploaded the lyrics, which caused Korean netizens to draw out mixed reactions towards the song and pointed out how “outdated” it was.

THIS 5th-Gen K-pop Group's Debut Song Receives Mixed Reactions For 'Outed' Lyrics: 'It's Not 2012 Anymore'
(Photo : TheQoo)

Read their reactions below:

  • “I’m sorry but, are they still living in 2004?”
  • “I only pity the kids.”
  • “Buy those kids a Chanel bag each for singing this.”
  • “What year are we now?”
  • “We’re not in 2012 anymore right?”
  • “I’m not saying it’s outdated as a swear but because I find it so hilarious.”
  • “Outdated.”

In a separate platform, internet users also shed light on how Brave Entertainment failed to read the current trend. However, some argued that “Good Girl” was indeed up to date with its musicality, but lacked cohesion in its lyrics.

Candy Shop, Good Girl
(Photo : Twitter: @BRAVE_CandyShop)

Others were fine with the lyrics and stated how the song gave vibes that were similar to a K-pop B-side track during the year 2012. Here’s how they reacted:

  • “They’re so bad for not reading the trend. Still salty with the way they handled Brave Girls.”
  • “They’re good dancers but this isn’t competitive enough to make any buzz.”
  • “The lyrics are something.”
  • “This is the song you would send your 8th grade boo.”
  • “The song itself sounds find it actually is with the trend and general sound girl groups have but those lyrics.”
  • “I knew they cried after leaving the studio.”
  • “The lyrics are a** but the song is unfortunately very good.”
  • “I cannot comprehend these lyrics literally, I’m confused.”
  • “Well, with the title, these lyrics are surprisingly not that horrible lol. It is giving B-side 2012 though.”

On platform X (Twitter), fans considered “Good Girl” to be a bop:

What are your thoughts on the song’s lyrics? Are you looking forward to more of Candy Shop’s music and content? Let us know in the comments!

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