This 60-year-old Character Will Be Park Seo-joon’s Lover In Upcoming Marvel Movie

Captain Marvel’s age has been set at 60 or older in the new Marvel film “The Marvels,” which is expected to feature Park Seo-joon

Recently, it was revealed through the X (formerly Twitter) account of Marvel India that Captain Marvel, played by Hollywood actor Brie Larson, is over 60 years old in the movie. Marvel India did not specify Captain Marvel’s age, but only marked it as ’60+’.

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Brie Larson

Captain Marvel, like any other creature, undergoes aging, but she ages much slower than humans because of her Kree blood. This is why Captain Marvel doesn’t look that age, even though she’s over 60.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘The Marvels’, scheduled to be released on November 10, is also drawing attention as Park Seo-joon’s first Hollywood entry. Prior to Park Seo-joon, Ma Dong-seok first joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with the Marvel film “Eternals” starring Angelina Jolie.

Park Seojoon

The movie “Captain Marvel,” which announced Brie Larson’s first appearance in the MCU, was released in 2019 and attracted more than 5.8 million audiences in Korea alone. Attention is focusing on how the second movie, “The Marvels,” will win the audiences’ hearts.