THIS Actor Is Being Accused by Ex-Girlfriend of Sexual Exploitation — K-Netz React

THIS Korean actor became a hot topic online after his ex-girlfriend accused him of sexual exploitation.

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Actor L

Anonymous Author Accused Actor ‘L’ of Cheating, Sexual Exploitation

On February 22, a post online sparked discussion among netizens where the owner of the post (OP) accused an actor of having exploited her body, and then breaking off their relationship.

According to the author of the post Ms. A, she claimed that she was ghosted by actor “L” and explained her grievance in detail. She said that she and actor “L” had known each other for six years and had been in a relationship for more than four years.

Sadly, the actor called it quits through a single text message. She attempted to contact the actor but he continued to ignore her.

Based on the post, its concern went from ghosting to alleged sexual exploitation quickly following the author’s claim. Ms.A added in the post that the last time she met actor “L,” which was before their breakup, they had no issues in the relationship.

During that day, the actor rumored clicked multiple photos of the “important parts” of her body. She also claimed that the actor became insensitive to their relationship and revealed sensitive details about it on a social media platform without any consideration.

K-Netz Not Convinced of Ms. A’s Revelation + Demand Her to Name the Actor

Despite explaining her side of the story and as the post garnered attention online, it backfired on her as netizens judged Ms.A for trying to stir the pot with a “trivial” incident while keeping the actor’s name hidden, which could drag unrelated actors into the controversy through speculations.

In her rebuttal, Ms. A clearly stated that she had no intention to gain attention and just created the account to vent her frustration. In addition, Ms. A said that she suspected the actor of cheating after spotting feminine hygiene products inside his bathroom.

Aside from the suspected cheating allegation and possible sexual exploitation, the author of the post also mentioned that her actor ex-boyfriend would often backstab his colleagues to her.

She also hinted at revealing more details soon.

However, despite her responses, netizens were not convinced and did not believe her claims. Others even demand her to reveal the actor’s name to validate her story.

  • “If you guys knew each other that long, and dated for four years, and broke up over text two years ago, why are you revealing it now?”
  • “Who are you?”
  • “If you are not going to reveal the actor’s name, don’t post about it. Other actors might get harmed! If you are not that confident, why even talk about it in public?”

What can you say about the news? Do you have any guesses on who the actor she pertains to? Share your thoughts/replies in the comments!