THIS Actress Faces Backlash for Disrespecting Local Culture with Outrageous Outfit Choice

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Seol In Ah, the beloved actress known for her charming roles on-screen, found herself at the center of a social media storm recently.

While enjoying a trip to Paris, she unwittingly sparked outrage among netizens for a seemingly innocent choice of attire.

Sharing snippets of her Parisian getaway on Instagram, Seol In Ah radiated joy and relaxation in every photo.

A post shared by instagram

From picturesque streets to cozy cafes, her feed exuded warmth and happiness, much to the delight of her fans.

However, amidst the blissful snapshots, one particular post stirred the pot.

Seol In Ah shared a photo of herself donning the soccer uniform of renowned player Kylian Mbappé, captured during a match she attended.

The seemingly harmless gesture ignited a firestorm of criticism online, with netizens bombarding the actress with DMs expressing their disapproval.

A post shared by instagram

Many questioned her choice to wear a rival player’s jersey, while others deemed it disrespectful to local culture.

In an attempt to quell the brewing storm, Seol In Ah took to social media once more, addressing the controversy head-on.

She clarified that the uniform was a souvenir from Mbappé’s final game at Paris Saint-Germain F.C. and urged fans to cease the influx of messages.

They did not sell Lee Kang In’s uniform that day. And it was Mbappé’s final game at Paris Saint-Germain F.C. Please stop sending DMs about this. It’s painful. It’s Paris, guys~ have a drink~” – Seol In Ah

While some supported Seol In Ah’s explanation, others remained bewildered by the uproar surrounding her attire choice.


Here’s what fans are saying:

  • ‘Such a big fuss about nothing’
  • ‘Who cares is she wears it or not. What’s it to you. Really making a fuss out of anything. It must be hard for you’
  • ‘Does she have to wear Korean player uniforms only when watching an overseas game? WTH’
  • ‘Ugh, you’re a fan of Jinja?????? why????? Why did you buy it and get criticized..?’
  • ‘Guys just live your life, what’s with all these stupid people, who cares’
  • ”What can you do, Mbappe is more popular’
  • ‘What the hell. Do Koreans have to wear Lee Kang In’s uniform? Stop making a fuss about it’
  • ‘Lolol’
  • ‘What kind of nonsense is this’

Many expressed solidarity with the actress, emphasizing the triviality of the matter in the grand scheme of things.