THIS aespa Members Enjoys Solving Math Problems When Bored— Guessed Who?

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Delving deeper into the lively exchange, Jae-jae’s astonishment continued to grow as Aespa members, known for their dynamic performances on stage, revealed an unexpected penchant for academic pursuits and unconventional pastimes.

The YouTube interview, which unfolded on the 23rd episode of ‘Civilization Express,’ turned into an intriguing exploration of the group’s behind-the-scenes dynamics.

Aespa’s Lifestyle Unveiled: Surprising Revelations in Pre-Interview with Jae-Jae

Before the on-screen interaction, Jae-jae engaged in a pre-interview discussion with Karina, setting the stage for the revelations to come.


(Photo : Twitter|@aespa_official)

As the conversation unfolded, Jae-jae wasted no time in bringing up the rumored change in the group’s living arrangements, particularly the abandonment of the ‘everyone eats together’ rule.

Winter elucidated, “We have individual schedules, so it’s difficult to eat together. When we order food, we get whatever we want. Leftovers are stored in the refrigerator and enjoyed later.”

Transitioning from their dietary habits to the unexpected realm of acting, Jae-jae praised Winter for her on-screen skills. The surprising twist came when Winter and her fellow members disclosed that they had never taken acting classes, leaving Jae-jae bemused.


(Photo : Twitter|@aespa_official)

The revelation took a comedic turn as Winter stood alone in admitting she hadn’t imitated characters while watching dramas, prompting playful banter among the group.

Aespa’s Quirky Side: E-sk Laughs to Charming Hobbies of Karina and Winter

The tone remained light as Jae-jae delved into the members’ anonymous social media, Esq, unearthing amusing anecdotes from their past.


(Photo : Youtube)

Karina, in particular, became the source of amusement as Jae-jae read out entries from her e-sk, showcasing her fondness for the drama ‘The Heirs.’

The conversation then pivoted to the unexpected hobbies of Karina and Winter, shedding light on a side of their lives rarely seen by fans.

Karina’s revelation about buying math workbooks for Winter and herself as a remedy for boredom added a charming layer to their personalities.

Winter chimed in, describing the challenging yet enjoyable experience, likening it to being in a study room. The mention of sudoku books and coloring books added a delightful touch to their leisure activities.

Aespa’s Academic Ambitions: CSAT Dream and Proficiency Test Pursuit Showcase Multifaceted Talents

Beyond the realm of music and entertainment, Winter expressed a desire to take the CSAT and earn a certificate in Korean history, unveiling aspirations beyond the stage.


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Lingling, in turn, shared her interest in pursuing the Korean Proficiency Test, emphasizing the multifaceted nature of the group members.

Jae-jae, clearly amused and impressed by the unexpected revelations, couldn’t help but laughingly remark, “The members are so healthy that I (comparatively) feel like trash.”


Giselle injected a dose of humor into the conversation, recounting her recent role as a bicycle instructor, revealing moments of frustration during her unconventional lesson with Karina.

The dynamic exchange showcased Aespa in a new light, highlighting the diverse interests and personalities that contribute to the group’s undeniable charm.