THIS ‘Birth of a Beauty’ Actress Says She is Done With Extreme Diet: ‘I Can’t Do This Anymore’

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Han Ye Seul opened up about her weight management journey and announced that she is quitting her extreme diet.

For years, the South Korean actress has kept her physique in tip-top shape by opting for a strict diet and engaging in physical activities.

On Han Ye Seul’s Instagram and YouTube, the “Birth of a Beauty” star shared her health journey by showing a glimpse of her diet and exercise.

Due to her dedication to keeping her figure slim by opting for a meticulous diet, she was once called the representative of “healthy beauty.”

However, in a previous post, Han Ye Seul’s diet caught the attention of netizens.

Following this, the South Korean actress announced that she is breaking her routine.

Han Ye Seul Ditches Her Diet Journey + Here’s Why

In an Instagram post, Han Ye Seul said that she is dropping her weight-loss plan.

“After two weeks of dieting, I can’t do this anymore,” she wrote, along with a photo of her smiling.

Han Ye Seul
(Photo : Hna Ye Seul Instagram)

As mentioned, her surprising announcement came two weeks after she posted a shocking meal plan that garnered the attention of netizens.

At the time, Han Ye Seul’s Instagram featured a meal that contained only a small portion of rice, cucumber, boiled meat, and cherry tomatoes, with a caption that said “Day 1,” hinting at the start of her journey.

With her post about her diet plan, netizens couldn’t help but react and express their astonishment at how dedicated she is to such a strict diet.

Meanwhile, her commitment to looking young and staying fit comes after her marriage to her boyfriend, who is 10 years her junior.

Who is Han Ye Seul’s Husband?

In May 2024, Han Ye Seul surprised the public when she announced that she was officially married to her non-showbiz boyfriend.

A post shared by instagram


On her YouTube channel, the South Korean actress said that they have registered their marriage.

“Right now, as I’m filming this, we are preparing to officially register our marriage, but by the time this video is released, we’ll already be married. So, we are now a legally married couple. I’m now a married woman!”

In the video, Han Ye Seul admitted that she never thought that her husband would be her lifelong companion.

“Whether we got married or not wasn’t important to me because I’ve always regarded him as my only soulmate, my best friend in life, and my other half, so I never felt the necessity [to get married].”

After being on hiatus for nine months, the actress publicly announced that she was in a relationship.

Han Ye Seul’s husband is Ryu Sung Jae, whom she has been dating since 2021.