THIS ‘Dare to Love Me’ Star Announces Marriage, Pregnancy Following Drama’s Finale

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Lee Yoo Young delivered a surprise announcement after her K-drama comeback, “Dare to Love Me,” aired its finale episode.

Following her return to the small screen, the 34-year-old actress is marking a new milestone in her life: Lee Yoo Young is gearing for her motherhood stage. In addition, she is also married to her non-celebrity boyfriend.

The news was also confirmed by the actress’ agency, ACE FACTORY, announcing her relationship status and pregnancy.

Lee Yoo Young Enters Wife, Motherhood Era

In an official statement, Lee Yoo Young’s agency addressed the surprising news regarding the actress.

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ACE FACTORY expressed their gratitude to her fans and supporters, as well as viewers of her K-drama “Dare to Love Me.”

Delivering the double announcement, the talent label confirmed that Lee Yoo Young has officially become a wife after marrying her non-celebrity husband.

The agency also shared that the actress registered her marriage in May 2024.

In addition to this, the newlyweds are also welcoming their bundle of joy this year.

“The two, who became a married couple based on deep affection and trust for each other, will become parents this coming September.”

Furthermore, ACE FACTORY also mentioned that Lee Yoo Young and her husband haven’t had concrete plans regarding an upcoming ceremony just yet.

“As the date approaches, there are no plans for a separate wedding ceremony at this time. We would appreciate your warm interest and congratulatory messages for Lee Yoo Young, who will embark on a new chapter in her life both as a wife and a mother.”

Lee Yoo Young reportedly started dating her now-husband in 2023 but kept their relationship private.

As for her previous relationship, she publicly dated the late “Reply 1988” actor Kim Joo Hyuk. A year after his death, Lee Yoo Young opened up about her true feelings after the incident.

During the press conference for her movie “Marionette,” which was also the first time she talked about her late beau, the actress admitted that she “still misses him.”

“He would always encourage me warmly, so I think he would like to see me doing well anywhere I go. With that in mind, I’m trying to work hard and continue my career as an actress.”

At the time, she revealed that she spent a lot of time home alone but wanted to keep herself busy working.

“I felt like I should start working, so I started looking at different projects. I’m promoting my new movie and learning French for my next drama, which has been keeping me busy.”

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo Young has appeared in various K-dramas and movies.

Other than “Dare to Love Me,” she also headlined several mystery thriller series like “Tunnel,” “The Lies Within,” and “Dr. Brain” and more.