THIS Ex-Girl Group Member Heads to Trial Over False Allegations— Details Inside

A former idol-turned-broadcaster journalist, known as X, has been handed over to trial for making false accusations against the CEO of an entertainment agency, identified as Y.

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The accusations, which have sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, allegedly involve an attempted rape incident.

Police Drop Charges Against Y in Attempted Rape Case Involving Former Girl Group Star

X, a woman in her 20s and a former member of a girl group in the mid-2010s, now working as a BJ, stands accused of falsely reporting that Y attempted to rape her at the company’s office last January.

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The case took a significant twist when the police, after initially investigating Y on charges of attempted rape, decided not to send the case to the prosecution.

However, X filed an objection, prompting the prosecution to step in and conduct further investigations, as stipulated by the Criminal Procedure Act.

After a meticulous examination of all available evidence, including CCTV footage, mobile message conversations, and phone call transcripts, the prosecution came to a startling conclusion: Y was not guilty of attempted rape.

Investigation Shifts to X’s False Accusation: Mutual Consent and CCTV Footage Challenge Claims

The focus of the investigation then shifted to X’s alleged false accusation.

It was revealed that on the day of the incident, both X and Y had entered the office together with mutual consent but had left the room without engaging in any sexual activity.

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Contrary to X’s claims, the CCTV footage showed her simply opening the door to leave the office, not pushing Y as she had alleged.

Even after departing from the office, the two were observed to have maintained physical contact while awaiting a substitute driver.

Furthermore, it was disclosed that a few days later, Y had expressed concerns about X’s work-related stress and suggested she take a brief break from her broadcasting activities.

Regrettably, X reportedly misconstrued this advice as a notice of job termination, leading her to file a complaint against Y with the police in February.

The repercussions of X’s false accusations have been severe, with several broadcasters reportedly leaving the agency, resulting in both economic and psychological hardships for Y.

As X now faces trial over the false allegations, the case continues to raise questions about the impact of such accusations on individuals and the industry as a whole.