THIS Famous Actress Desperately Cry for Help — Reveals Heartbreaking Reality About Life in the USA

In a rare display of vulnerability, actress Son Tae-young shared a glimpse into her life abroad, expressing regret and a yearning for familiarity while living in the United States.

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The candid moment unfolded during a routine visit to a local beauty salon, documented on her YouTube channel, ‘Mrs. New Jersey Son Tae-young’.

Routine Salon Visit: Son Tae-young’s Casual Encounter Reveals Homesickness

On the 17th, Son Tae-young took to her YouTube channel to upload a video titled ‘The reason why actress Son Tae-young was surprised while getting her hair done at an American beauty salon (feat. A cat walking)’.

Son Tae Young
(Photo : Instagram|@sontaeyoung_official)

As she embarked on her regular hair appointment, Son Tae-young remarked, “I think I need to dye my hair today, so I’m going to a local hair salon. I’ve been going there for over a year,” showcasing her familiarity with the establishment.

During the procedure, a casual conversation between Son Tae-young and her hairdresser provided insights into her life in the United States.

Reflecting on her pet cat, Son Tae-young recounted amusing anecdotes, revealing both her fondness for her furry companion and the challenges of acclimating to a new environment.

Son Tae Young
(Photo : Youtube)

Amidst the dyeing process, Son Tae-young’s confession of fear resonated with viewers, offering a glimpse into the vulnerabilities of life abroad.

Maternal Musings: Balancing Motherhood and Celebrity in a Foreign Land

As the conversation shifted towards family, Son Tae-young shared candid insights into her experience raising children in a foreign country.

Son Tae Young
(Photo : Youtube)

Responding to inquiries about her children’s resemblance to their celebrity parents, Son Tae-young expressed maternal pride tinged with melancholy.

Recalling moments of recognition from overseas fans, Son Tae-young reminisced about her son’s endearing reactions, highlighting the complexities of navigating fame and family life away from home.

Towards the conclusion of the salon visit, a poignant exchange between Son Tae-young and her hairdresser shed light on her longing for normalcy.

When asked about her plans after the appointment, Son Tae-young wistfully revealed, “I have nowhere to go,” echoing sentiments of isolation and a desire for social connection. Despite her glamorous career and celebrity status, Son Tae-young’s admission resonated with many who yearn for the simple pleasures of everyday life.

In her marriage to actor Kwon Sang-woo, Son Tae-young found love and companionship, yet her journey as an expatriate in the United States has been marked by moments of introspection and homesickness.

Son Tae Young
(Photo : Youtube)