THIS Female Idol Shares Glimpse Over Terrifying Falling Accident, Leaves Stans Anxious— Here’s What Happened

Former 9MUSES member Moon Hyuna, widely recognized as Hyuna took to Instagram on September 12 to share a glimpse into a terrifying falling accident that has left her badly injured and in a cast.

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The revelation has left stans around the world anxiously awaiting updates on her condition.

Moon Hyuna’s Shocking Instagram Post Unveils Her Traumatic Injury and Surgery

In her Instagram post, Moon Hyuna shared a video that depicted her with visible bruises and a cast covering part of her body.

Moon Hyuna

(Photo : instagram|@moongom119@)

She accompanied the footage with a heartfelt caption in which she revealed that she had undergone surgery five weeks prior.

“My condition after suffering a fall was really pitiful. As of now, it has been five weeks since having wrist surgery,” Moon Hyuna disclosed, shedding light on the severity of her injuries.

The cause of the accident, she hinted, was linked to her pursuit of becoming a licensed horse-riding instructor.

Moon Hyuna revealed that she had been intensely practicing horse riding and training, with the certification test looming just around the corner.

However, in her pursuit of excellence, she admitted to pushing herself and her horse beyond their limits, which may have contributed to the unfortunate fall.

“The certification test to become a licensed horse-riding instructor is next week. I used to think ridiculously that if I was in a cast for a month, I would be able to take the test… Looking back, I was really overworking the horse as I was myself and didn’t see what was really going on.”

— Moon Hyuna

Despite the adversity, Moon Hyuna expressed her determination to try again next year, armed with the valuable knowledge she had gained from this painful experience.

Moon Hyuna’s Fans Rally with Support as She Begins Her Journey to Recovery

The accident, which occurred recently, has left Moon Hyuna with visible injuries, sparking genuine worry among her fans.

Moon Hyuna

(Photo : instagram|@moongom119@)

In response, they have inundated her posts with messages of encouragement and well-wishes, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to her well-being.

Among the many messages flooding her social media, fans are leaving poignant comments such as:

  • “I hope you have a speedy recovery and don’t get hurt anymore.”
  • “Don’t be hurt.”
  • “This is seriously heartbreaking… Please get better soon. I am always rooting for you.”
  • “Wow, I was really shocked after seeing the bruises. This was a really big accident…”
  • “This is bringing tears to my eyes. Rest well, you’re doing great, ㅠ.”

The emotional response from fans underscores the deep bond that exists between Moon Hyuna and her supporters, who have stood by her side throughout her career.