THIS Female Idol’s First Music Show Ending Fairy Performance After 7-Year Hiatus Leaves Fans Speechless

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It’s not surprising that fans are emotional. Ending fairies are one of the most iconic parts of music shows, and they can be legendary for many reasons, including being beautiful, funny, or just iconic AF.

Netizens were shocked and emotional after realizing that ARTMS’s Haseul finally got her first music show ending since debuting seven years ago.

A post shared by instagram

A post shared by instagram

Recently, ARTMS performed their new track “Virtual Angel” on Simply K-Pop. When it was time for the ending fairies, netizens got emotional as Haseul was one of the members shown.

Fans also pointed out that Haseul’s only ending fairy moment was during KCON and as it was a concert, not a music show, which is synonymous with the concept, they didn’t count it.

After the episode aired on YouTube, netizens couldn’t hide their emotions upon seeing Haseul have her first ending fairy on a music show, with many cursing the members’ former company for not giving her an opportunity to end a performance.

“It seems insane to have taken so long for Haseul to get her ending fairy moment, but she truly owned it and looked ethereal,” said one fan in a comment reflecting the sentiments of many others.

In Recent news,HaSeul, a former member of LOONA, has embarked on a new chapter by signing an exclusive contract with Modhaus and is set to re-debut in the upcoming group ARTMS alongside HeeJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry.

The sincerity of Modhaus’s appreciation towards HaSeul was evident in their announcement, highlighting their commitment to supporting her in showcasing her diverse talents and captivating fans with her charms.

As HaSeul transitions into her role as an ARTMS member alongside her fellow LOONA members who also joined Modhaus in March, the imminent return of ODD EYE CIRCLE and their preparations for new music, including an upcoming Europe tour, add an air of excitement for fans.

Moreover, the recent legal victory for the five remaining LOONA members, including HaSeul, against BlockBerry Creative serves as a significant win, granting them freedom and autonomy to explore new opportunities.

The enthusiasm and pride displayed by fans reflect their anticipation for HaSeul’s journey with Modhaus and the bright future ahead for the reunited LOONA members.