THIS Fourth-Generation Idol Faces 15 Years in Prison for Fatal DUI Accident

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On June 11, it was reported that prosecutors have asked a judge to impose a 15-year prison sentence on former idol and current DJ Yesong.

The ex-idol, who debuted with the K-Pop group Instar in 2019, is currently on trial for causing a fatal accident while driving under the influence.

The tragic incident occurred when DJ Yesong, driving under the influence, caused two accidents, one of which resulted in the death of a delivery driver. Prosecutors emphasized the gravity of her actions and her lack of remorse.


“Her crimes are heavy, considering how she is still blaming the victim even though the accident resulted in his death. I ask that you sentence the defendant to 15 years in prison and confiscate the keys to her Benz,” stated the prosecutors.

During the trial, DJ Yesong attempted to explain her actions by citing financial pressures and the necessity of attending a crucial gathering.

“At the time, I was experiencing financial hardship due to the lack of bookings. I was at an important gathering that had my livelihood at stake, and I couldn’t refuse to drink. This led me to make an unexcusable mistake that caused unerasable pain to the victim. I am reflecting deeply,” Yesong testified.

The sentencing for DJ Yesong is scheduled for July 7. The case has drawn significant attention due to her former status as a K-Pop idol and the serious nature of the charges against her. Meanwhile, Former idol-turned-DJ Yeseong is embroiled in controversy following a fatal DUI accident that killed a single father. Public outrage has intensified as new information calls into question the authenticity of her apology statement.

Yeseong’s apology, conveyed by her mother, falsely claimed she lost her father at a young age, a claim debunked by investigations revealing her father is alive. Her mother attributed this to a “miscommunication,” explaining she raised Yeseong alone from age three but did not imply her husband’s death.

Additionally, Yeseong remains in police custody due to her elevated blood alcohol level and alleged uncooperative behavior at the scene. Authorities are intensifying their scrutiny, including conducting a detailed drug examination after initial tests returned negative.