THIS Idol Drops Bombshell Revelation About Marriage Amid Divorce Chaos

In an unexpected twist of events, celebrated idol Seo In Young has stepped forward to address the swirling speculations concerning her marital status, particularly in light of her husband’s recent divorce filing.

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 An exclusive conversation with Ilgan Sports, the idol conveyed her profound surprise and disbelief upon learning of this development through media outlets.

Seo In Young’s Shocking Revelation 

Seo In Young divulged that her husband had not conveyed any prior intention to terminate their marriage, leading to her feeling completely blindsided by the abrupt turn of events.

She clarified that while their recent discussions had revolved around their compatibility as a couple, they had never directly broached the topic of divorce.

Seo In Young

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The idol’s reaction to this situation was characterized by a mixture of emotions. Speaking in a tone imbued with astonishment, Seo In Young articulated her unwavering stance of refusing her husband’s plea for divorce.

“I am shocked after learning of our divorce through articles. Recently, my husband told me that we weren’t a good fit for one another and that he wanted to break up, but we have never directly talked about a divorce.”

She underscored her eagerness to engage in constructive dialogue to address their issues and seek a resolution with her estranged partner.

Given the unexpected nature of these circumstances, Seo In Young expressed the necessity of gathering additional information and conducting further conversations with her husband.

Seo In Young

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She reassured that no detrimental incidents had occurred between them and affirmed her commitment to exploring all avenues for potential reconciliation.

“I am a little shocked right now, so I think I need to figure out what’s going on. I have no plans to divorce my husband. Nothing bad happened between us. I am going to have to talk to him further.”

As the unfolding events continue to captivate the attention of fans and followers alike, there is palpable anticipation for any forthcoming updates regarding the status of Seo In Young’s marriage and the eventual resolution of this unforeseen chapter in her life.

Meanwhile, In a recent Seo In Young uploaded a photo of herself next to her younger sister. She posted it to Instagram with the words “my sister.