THIS Idol Inks Solo Contract After Group Disbanded Over Bullying Allegations Against Co-Member

Lee Jinsol, a former member of the K-pop girl group APRIL, has officially embarked on a solo career by signing an exclusive contract with 220 Entertainment.

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This announcement comes in the wake of APRIL’s disbandment earlier this year, following a tumultuous period marked by allegations of bullying against co-member Lee Hyun Joo.

Former APRIL Member Lee Jinsol Signs Solo Contract, Becomes the Newest Member of 220 Entertainment

On September 18, 220 Entertainment made the official declaration, expressing their excitement and enthusiasm for the newest addition to their roster.

Lee Jinsol

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They lauded Lee Jinsol not only for her exceptional vocal talents but also for her radiant and endearing charm that has endeared her to the public over the years.

“Lee Jinsol, with her diverse talents and versatility, will receive comprehensive support across various domains such as music, acting, entertainment, and MCing, allowing her to fully demonstrate her multifaceted abilities.”

—- 220 Entertainment

Lee Jinsol initially made her debut as a member of APRIL in 2015, where she swiftly gained recognition for her remarkable vocal prowess, particularly when tackling high-pitched vocal lines.

Her ascent in the industry continued as she achieved the distinction of becoming the first idol to serve as the MC for the popular EBS program ‘Tok! Tok! Boni Hani.’

Her effervescent energy and exceptional hosting skills garnered immense affection from viewers.

Bullying Allegations and Group Disbandment: Lee Jinsol’s Challenging Journey

While expanding her horizons, Lee Jinsol ventured into the realm of acting by taking on roles in web dramas. However, her career took a tumultuous turn in February 2021 when allegations of bullying surfaced with Lee Hyun Joo.


(Photo : Wiki Tree)

Lee Hyun Joo, claimed mistreatment by her fellow group members during her tenure. APRIL collectively denied these allegations. In January of the following year, the group officially disbanded, leaving Lee Jinsol at a crossroads.

Undeterred by the challenges she faced, Lee Jinsol decided to explore a solo path and made her comeback by releasing her first self-composed song titled ‘Let me out.’

This marked a significant milestone in her career, arriving seven years after her initial debut. In March, she further solidified her solo career with her inaugural solo fan meeting, ‘SUNSET GLOW.’

Now, with Lee Jinsol’s announcement of her new journey alongside 220 Entertainment, fans are eagerly anticipating the exciting new chapters in her career.

As she embarks on this solo adventure, the world of music, entertainment, and beyond will undoubtedly witness the continued rise of this remarkable talent, whose journey is poised to captivate audiences anew.