THIS ITZY Member Reveals ‘Penalty Points’ Almost Derailed Her Debut— Here’s Why

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ITZY’s Ryujin has candidly opened up about a challenging chapter in her journey to stardom during a guest appearance on the YouTube channel series ‘Psick Show’.

On September 10, Ryujin and Lia shared insights into the rigorous training regimen at JYP Entertainment and the penalty point system that almost jeopardized their dreams of debuting.

ITZY Ryujin Spills the Beans on Debut Hurdles Due to “Penalty Points”

The show’s discussion centered on JYP Entertainment’s distinctive approach to fostering the mental and physical well-being of its artists.

You can watch it here:

The MCs noted that JYP trainees often appear to be in good health, both mentally and physically, and inquired if there was a special care method in place.

Ryujin confirmed that JYP indeed places a strong emphasis on character development among its trainees. She revealed that trainees receive lessons on good character every two weeks as part of their training regimen.

ITZY Ryujin

(Photo : twitter|@ITZYofficial@)

However, what stood out was the existence of a penalty point system, which encompasses various aspects of a trainee’s performance, including singing, dancing, and character.

Ryujin humbly admitted that she didn’t always rank at the top of the class. Her character score, in particular, was not stellar, mainly due to her habit of freely expressing her opinions.

This revelation underscores the pressure and expectations placed on trainees to excel in all aspects of their training, including maintaining a positive character.

Lia chimed in, shedding light on the anxiety she experienced during her trainee days. She confessed, “I always thought to myself ‘I’m going to get fired this month.’ I thought this because I had a lot of penalty points.”

Interestingly, one of the infractions that garnered penalty points was something as seemingly innocuous as eating in the practice room.

Ryujin added, “We both got a lot of penalty points for that. We got caught eating something in the practice room. Food is prohibited in the vocal room.”

These revelations offer insight into JYP Entertainment’s demanding training and evaluation system, showing how talents like Ryujin and Lia overcame obstacles on their road to stardom.

ITZY Drops MAJOR Surprise for MIDZY 3rd Generation, BAND ITZY Revealed


(Photo : twitter|@ITZYofficial@)


(Photo : twitter|@ITZYofficial@)

ITZY has just unleashed a bombshell of excitement on Twitter. The sensational girl group has officially announced the launch of their ITZY OFFICIAL FANCLUB MIDZY 3RD GENERATION.

ITZY has always cherished their relationship with MIDZY, and this launch is proof of their unwavering love and commitment to their fans.

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