THIS K-drama Villain Chops Her Long Hair for ‘Jeong Nyeon’: ‘Her Aura Totally Flipped’

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Jung Eun Chae left fans speechless with her new visuals as the actress transformed with a new look for her upcoming K-drama “Jeong Nyeon.”

Slated for back-to-back projects in 2024, the 37-year-old actress made netizens swoon over her beauty.

It can be recalled that Jung Eun Chae posted her new hairstyle on Instagram last June after LEMAIRE’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection for Paris Fashion Week.

The South Korean actress looked regal in her all-black leather ensemble and chic short haircut.

A post shared by instagram


Interestingly, she continues to captivate netizens with her charms, showcasing her androgynous beauty with her short hair.

Jung Eun Chae’s Hair Transformation Gains Spotlight

In a post shared in online communities, fans can’t help but be swooned by Jung Eun Chae’s hairstyle.

Jung Eun Chae
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Jung Eun Chae
(Photo :
Jung Eun Chae
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Along with candid photos, fans expressed how they adored her pixie-cut hairstyle.

“She suited her image in Anna so well that her image stuck in my head, but her aura totally flipped now that she has short hair.”

“Wow, she’s really showing the difference between handsome and pretty.”

“Her visuals and aura…”

“She went from a cold beauty to a warm beauty.”

“She looks like a basketball athlete and a first love.”

“I’m jealous of the fact that she can look good with anything.”

“But didn’t she have an affair…? Once in Korea and once in Japan…

“She looks like Kim Jaejoong.”

“So handsome.”

As for others, they speculate that Jung Eun Chae chopped her long hair for a role.

Jung Eun Chae Stars in Kim Tae Ri’s Drama ‘Jeong Yeon’

Following her amazing performance as the K-drama villain in “Anna” with Bae Suzy, Jung Eun Chae returns with multiple projects in 2024. Among them is the historical series “Jeong Nyeon.”

In January, the actress’ agency, Project Hosoo, confirmed her appearance in the TVN K-drama.

According to the talent label, she will be portraying the character of Moon Ok Kyung.

“We ask for lots of interest and support for Jung Eun Chae, who will once again demonstrate an excellent portrayal of her character,” Project Hosoo added.

In the upcoming K-drama, viewers will get to see Jung Eun Chae land another interesting character, showcasing her versatility in acting.

In “Jeong Nyeon,” Moon Ok Kyung works as one of the members of the women’s traditional theater company.

Although she often exudes a poker face, Moon Ok Kyung is known as one of the theater company’s best stars since she can also play male characters.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Jeong Nyeon” is set in the 1950s and centers around a woman named Yoon Jeong Nyeon, played by Kim Tae Ri, who grew up in poverty in Mokpo.

Despite their family’s financial struggle, she wants to continue her dream of becoming a performer and enters the theater company, where she meets Moon Ok Kyung.

Other than the duo, cast members also include Shin Ye Eun, Ra Mi Ran, and Moon So Ri.