THIS Kim Ji Won Drama Revealed To Be Based on True Story

Kim Ji Won’s previous rom-com drama was revealed to be based on a true story. Can you guess which among her works it is?

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While busy preparing for her upcoming fan meeting and other projects, Kim Ji Won’s previous dramas are gaining a spotlight again.

Among them is “Fight For My Way,” which was released in 2017, and where she played one of her iconic roles Choi Ae Ra.

Through this, Kim Ji Won worked for the first time with Park Seo Joon. The two created an adorable tandem that viewers enjoyed.

This 2024, news started to circulate that the narrative for the series was based on a true story.

“Fight For My Way” follows the story of a former taekwondo player, Ko Dong Man, who used to be famous but had to stop due to a painful past. He then becomes an unknown mixed martial arts fighter.

Later, he falls in love with his long-time friend, Choi Ae Ra, who dreams of being an announcer.

‘Fight For My Way’ Revealed To Be Based on True Story

According to a source, the drama’s writer revealed that “Fight For My Way” was actually based on a real-life story.

Lim Sang Chun, the person behind the script, shared that Choo Sung Hoon and his wife, Yano Shiho, inspired him to write the drama. 

'Fight For My Way' Poster
(Photo : KBS)

He elaborated that he was saddened yet moved by Yano Shiho’s tears whenever she cried for Choo Sung Hoon during his fights. Lim Sang Chun realized that athletes like Choo Sung Hoon had families and children, yet were only portrayed as cold-blooded fighters.

“I heard stories of how hard it was for fighters’ families to watch their fights, and I just felt sad about it.”

It has been said that in order to address these misconceptions, he wrote the script to show the public that martial arts fighters were not as cold as most people thought.

“Most people believe that martial arts fighters like women and drinking, but honestly, they can be really naive. Since they have to focus on their health, I learned that they live like Buddhist monks, so I wanted to help in getting rid of those misconceptions.”

It is safe to say that “Fight For My Way” is a fan-favorite for its romantic aspect and humor. But as it was revealed, the series holds more importance to the athletes’ lives happening outside the ring. 

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