THIS Legendary 2nd-Gen K-pop Sub-Unit to Make Comeback After 11 Years

THIS successful K-pop sub-unit is making their long-awaited return to the K-pop scene.

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Can you guess who they are?

THIS Legendary K-pop Sub-Unit to Make Comeback After 11 Years

(Photo : Kpop Wiki)

SISTAR19 Confirmed to Make Comeback After 11 Years

Are you looking forward to SISTAR19’s new music?


(Photo : Kpop Wiki)

On November 17, a Korean news outlet shared that after 11 years, popular SISTAR sub-unit SISTAR19 would finally make a comeback scheduled in January 2024.

The duo is composed of SISTAR members Hyolyn and Bora, who both went viral for releasing the hit song “Ma Boy” in 2011. However, their final release was the single “Gone Not Around Any Longer” in 2013.


(Photo : Kpop Wiki)

Hyolyn, the loveable K-pop diva who has been active as a solo artist in the music industry, is set to showcase more of her energetic presence and amazing singing skills. Meanwhile, Bora will also demonstrate her prowess in stage performance through her rapping.

According to sources, the details for SISTAR19’s comeback such as the title track and album will be released in order soon.


(Photo : Kpop Wiki)

On X (Twitter), stans were quick to react to SISTAR19’s surprising news.

On May 8, netizens opened a forum and discussed SISTAR19, whom they claimed as the most successful sub-unit in K-pop. According to many, Hyolyn and Bora’s duo was one of the most memorable acts in the second generation.

This was due to “Ma Boy,” a song that became famous for its recognizable melody, sultry concept, chair choreography, and the iconic body roll, which is the song’s “killing part.”



(Photo : TheQoo)

While many second-gen K-pop female sub-units were mentioned, such as Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo and After School’s Orange Caramel, fans claimed how much SISTAR19’s virality was unrivaled during the time of the golden era.

Read their comments below:

  •  “I can’t remember a single song from TaeTiSeo, but I do remember SISTAR19’s songs.”
  •  “I thought it was about Orange Caramel, but SISTAR19 didn’t feel like a unit despite being one.”
  •  “Actually, SISTAR19 was more successful than SISTAR itself.”
  •  “When it comes to the most successful unit, I’d think about TaeTiSeo too, but SISTAR19’s songs are so good.”

Are you looking forward to SISTAR19’s highly anticipated comeback? Who was your bias in SISTAR? Let us know in the comments below!

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