THIS ‘Moving’ Actor Stuns Viewers With His Unrecognizable Transformation as Villain

Besides the top stars like Han Hyo Joo, Jo In Sung, and Ryu Seung Ryong, and up-and-coming stars like Lee Jung Ha and Go Yoon Jung, viewers were delighted to see the star-studded lineup of supporting roles in “Moving,” including Park Hee Soo, Kim Shin Rok, Yang Dong Geun, and more.

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Interestingly, the webtoon-based K-drama also featured surposing cameos, one of which was the versatile actor Kim Joong Hee.

Known for his unconventional roles, he appeared in K-dramas like “Through the Darkness,” “Criminal Minds,” “Voice Season 4: Judgment Hour,” and “The Nokdu Flower.”

As for his role in “Moving,” Kim Joong Hee appeared in the last two episodes, taking on the role of villain Lim Jae Seok.

‘Moving’ Villain Kim Joong Hee Went Through a Radical Transformation to Play Villain

During the final week of the webtoon-based series, Disney+ released the last three episodes simultaneously.

The story focuses on the final battle between the North Korean Army and the former black ops agents.

The army was headed by Kim Deok Yoon (Park Hee Soon), who had an intense encounter with Kim Doo Shik (Jo In Sung) that cost the lives of his comrades.

As part of North Korea’s plan to retaliate, the group’s mission is to hunt down the individuals who are connected with South Korea’s plan to train the gifted.

Joining Kim Deok Yoon are a group of people who also harbor superhuman powers.

From someone with flying ability to someone with super strength  and great speed, another person who joins the group is Lim Jae Seok.


(Photo : Disney+ Korea)


(Photo : Disney+)

As depicted in the last two episodes, Lim Jae Seok came from a family of traitors. Because of this, he was punished to live in a hell hole since he was young. Due to this, his eyes deteriorated, causing him to not be able to see in the light. 

However, the government discovered that he had superpowers and used him for their mission.

Unlike others, Lim Jae Seok has a unique ability to manipulate immense power with one clap of his hands. It could shatter anything, like a massive earthquake.

Because he has been locked up in a cave for years, he cannot see, hence the dark glasses and balding head.

In a report, viewers could not recognize that the person is actor Kim Joong Hee, whose real appearance is far different from his “Moving” character. In reality, he is only 39-years-old. 

Kim Joong Hee

(Photo : News 1)

Kim Joong Hee

(Photo : News 1 Korea)

Viewers pointed out how amazing the production team is to use various effects to make Lim Jae Seok older. In addition, his transformation is also supported by his amazing performance.