THIS ‘Moving’ Villain Says the Disney+ K-drama Fulfilled His Childhood Dream – Here’s Why

Yang Dong Geun dishes on his experience being the villain in the hit K-drama “Moving.”

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The versatile actor joined the Disney+ series in the second half of the season, taking on the mysterious role of Jung Joon Hwa.

Viewers witnessed how North Korean Jung Joon Hwa attacked high school students Jang Hee Soo and Kim Bong Seok, played by Go Yoon Jung and Lee Jung Ha, as he wanted to see himself and the duo’s special abilities. However, despite their combined powers, Hee Soo and Bong Seok couldn’t beat Joon Hwa’s strength.

As the webtoon-based K-drama reached its finale week, Yang Dong Geun talked about what it’s like to be a villain with superpowers.

Yang Dong Geun Says His Childhood Dream Came True Thanks to ‘Moving’

In an interview with a local news portal, Yang Dong Geun mentioned how “Moving” fulfilled his childhood dream.

According to the actor, his younger self would have been happy of he found out that he portrayed a role that involves having special abilities.

“Six-year-old Yang Dong Geun’s dream of becoming Superman has come true.

It is a dream come true after almost 40 years.”


(Photo : Disney+)

Moreover, the actor, who invited his family to watch him film his action scenes in “Moving,” made him a cool father figure to his children, as they saw him doing his stunts and flying in the air.

According to the actor, he was impressed with how the team executed his scenes, especially with difficult stunts like his.

“The moment I performed the scene where her feet were rising, I got a sense of how unconventional this scene would be. I think that as a human being and as an actor, an amazing moment unfolded that not everyone can have.”

He also took the interview as an opportunity to thank director Park In Je for considering him to be a part of the cast lineup. For him, the filmmaker “created a scene that will be remembered even after death.”

In the 20-episode K-drama, Jung Joon Hwa is among the North Korean army who went to South Korea in hopes of eliminating individuals with special abilities. They are afraid that the government will use these people against North Korea.

As for Joon Hwa, he has the same power as Kim Doo Shik, great combat skills, and the ability to fly.

Unfortunately for Kim Bong Seok and Jang Hee Soo, they are too weak and inexperienced to fight the North Korean Army.


(Photo : Disney+)

‘Moving’ Finale Release Date

As mentioned, “Moving” is now in its final week before cast members bid goodbye to viewers.

“Moving” episodes 18 to 20 will be released simultaneously on September 20 at 4 p.m. KST.

Viewers will get to see the last 3 episodes on Disney+ and Hulu.